Do you remember when Pluto was the 9th planet from the Sun? This was true of Pluto until 2006, when scientists deemed it too small, and demoted Pluto to dwarf planet status. Taken at face value, the name “Sons of Pluto” points to the fact that we are the product of a time when Pluto was still a planet. On a deeper level, the name is a recognition of impermanence and fond reminiscing of days past, as well as something worthy of our admiration.

Damien and Brian formed an unnamed group with Zach Hayes in November 2010 to perform at a series of events at the University of Ottawa. With some gig experience under their belt, the team solidified their sound and approach with a name: Sons of Pluto. The band continues to perform, adding Kristina in 2011 and Shea in 2013 to achieve a fuller, richer sound. The group debuted original songs at a show in December 2012, and are avidly working on those and other new pieces.

Our sound is the amalgamation of the influences of its members. These influences include classical, rock, indie, musical theatre, punk, jazz, metal, gospel, R&B, and chart toppers dating back to the 50s. Be it an acoustic ballad or a driving, dance track, Sons of Pluto is not afraid to play anything. Sons of Pluto seamlessly combine their eclectic, varied musical backgrounds to offer a high-energy, entertaining listening experience. Like catching up with an old friend, Sons of Pluto’s sound is warmly familiar to young and old.

Damien Broomes


Damien is the fearless, charismatic leader of the group. He is an enthusiastic, engaging artist both onstage and off, and his powerful voice lends itself perfectly to live music. Damien’s first goal in performing is to make sure his audience is having the time of their life. He has a great sense of melody that can be applied to a range of genres, from soft ballads to high-energy rock. Damien has a profound respect and passion for music new and old, and his dedication to his craft shows in his performances.

Brian Lee (BL)


BL is the motivator of the band, and a talented guitarist to boot. His improvisational skills during solos reveal the true extent of his ability, and he is not afraid to take chances and be creative through every step of the musical process. BL keeps the group excited and focused on their goals, and isn’t afraid to lead by example. He is also the person who is always thinking about what’s next, and how to build momentum to reach new heights for the band.

Kristina Vogel


Kristina is a multi-talented artist, and the member of the band who can play the most musical instruments. With her classical training and veritable auditory arsenal, Kristina brings a unique style and a creative tone to each and every song SOP plays. Kristina enjoys contemporary musical stylings, but also loves and studies the classics that form the roots of popular music today.

Past Members

Shea Elliott


Shea plays the drums, and brings a new layer of energy and creativity to our sound. We are extremely lucky to have his talent in our group; he brings new life to our original songs, and energizes the classics we’ve been playing for years. Shea creative rhythm and musical style blends perfectly with the rest of the band, and tightens up the group’s sound while adding a flair and style all his own.